Classic Dance music mixes and Classic Street dance moves!

Kwikstep is a master Bboy and music maker who brings a block party vibe to the stage, club and dance studio. 


Brooklyn Sun

  • Growing up in Brooklyn in the late 70'/early 80's exposed me to classic rhythm and blues, the new electro fusion in addition to the Latin trends permeated my home life. Drumming and DJing only helped to increased my love for dancing even more. As the years have passed I have developed a deep respect for the original flavor of that era in NYC and I do my best to bring it to the stage, party or classroom. With my partner Rokafella, I co-founded Full Circle Souljahs -a dance company where I can help aspiring Hip-hop artists to find their way in the dance field as well as build a platform for freedom and creative thinking.

Married to the music

DJ KS60 --

Since the 80's I have been following music trends of the past and my Afro Carribean roots. I learned to work the turntables as a teen and collected as much music as I could afford. DJ's of that era really tuned in to the crowd and the vibe of the genres. I was lucky to have experienced the greats and try to follow their standards. I created Behind The Groove --a party to give dancers a place to just jam and test their moves to classic dance tracks..the way it was in the 70's/80's NYC club hey day. I love to produce remixes and I provide soundscapes for Full Circle theater pieces or dance concerts. From time to time I produce music for La Roka to write and perform.

Hip hop is a movement.. BbOy Kwikstep

I began dancing at the age of 8 and never stopped my quest to move to good music with many styles. I have developed mastery of Breaking though I am always learning more about this phenomenal style born in NYC. I've been fortunate to travel the world and share my knowledge of the culture and commercial aspects of Hip hop dance. Recently I became a professor and also hired to set choreography for theater plays. It is not easy to stay on top of all the new trends but with love for good music i have a connection to the dance moves as they evlove and make way for new styles.  






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